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air cylinder bracket.jpg

4 Cylinders with Brackets
3.25 diameter x 4.75 stroke
1/2 port on top 2-3/8 ports on side
10MM mounting holes




If you are going to purchase the cylinders or brackets individually below and you already have cylinders or brackets that you are trying to match these with, you must first make sure that your existing brackets or cylinders have the same thread as ours.
If you purchase our cylinders or brackets and you want to return them because the threads don't match, due to the fact that they were
not pre-checked by you, there will be a 30% restocking fee, thanks for your cooperation.


Air Cylinders
3.25" Cylinders are recommend for compact cars like the Civic with 4 cylinder engines,

3.25" cylinders have a 22mm x 1.25mm thread on the shaft.





These brackets come with 22mm x 1.25mm thread in the lower mounting brackets,

This only comes as a complete set, front and rear brackets.