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Automatic Auto Leveling

• 3 Programmable Heights Lowered / Ride Height / Raised
• The E-Level Touch adds Front/Back & Independent Corner Control
• RideMonitor™ Mode adjusts as needed while driving or parked.
• TruPosition™ Height Sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load.
• Ride-Height-on-Start gets you ready to drive when you turn the key.
• Anti “Cross-loading” Technology gives balanced spring weights.
• Key-Chain Remote (optional) accesses your 3 programmable heights from up to 200 ft away.
• Automatically Calibrates to any Air Suspension System on any vehicle, (NO user programming required).
• Straight to Height adjustments avoid valve “pulsing” and gets you ready to drive immediately.
• Active Learning maximizes leveling performance after every adjustment.
• Manages Air Compressors for faster height recovery.
• Monitors Vehicle Voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) OFF at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery.
• 100% Weather-Proof for under vehicle mounting.
• Plug-n-Play wiring harnesses for ease of installation.
• Each System is 100% Factory Tested

These will work with any valve setup, but the AccuAir Manifold is recommended

E-Level Rockeraccuair e level rocker.jpg

AccuAir E-Level Rocker


 E-Level Touch
accuair e level touch.jpg 

AccuAir E-Level Touch