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slam 72.gif

Slam Bags are a great bag, made in the US and very good quality. 

Minimum Height: 

Maximum Height:

RE, HE, XS-6:
RE, HE, XS-7:
SS, RE, HE-8:


RE-5: 5.5"
SS, RE, HE, XS-6:  6" (replaces 255C or 2B6 or 2500 lb)
SS, RE, HE, XS-7:  7" (replaces 224C or 2B7 or 2600 lb)
SS, RE, HE-8:  8" (3300 lb)






Pressure Ratings:
SS-250psi. Single 1/2" Port
RE-200psi. Single 1/2" Port
HE-400psi. Dual 1/2" Ports
XS-600psi. Dual 1/2" Ports