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Universal Triangulated 4 Link
universal triangulated 4-link.jpg

This Triangulated 4-Link comes with extra long 4-link tubes to allow you to cut them down to your preferred length.
Polyurethane bushings and zerk fittings keep things properly lubed and squeak free. Threaded 3/4"-16 studs and 4-link tubes are TIG welded for maximum strength. All mounting tabs are CNC laser cut from 1/4" plate. CNC machined threaded bungs fit perfectly into the 4-link tubes. Zinc plated, Grade 8 mounting hardware included.
this is designed to use your front leaf spring mount or you can purchase additional tabs or mounts below.






 4 Link Tabs
4-link triangulated axle tab.jpg4-link flat tab long.jpg4-link flat tab short.jpg

These tabs are 1/4" thick and accept a 9/16" bolt


bag bar backets.jpg 

Bag Bar Brackets




4 link side frame.jpg  4 Link Side Frame Mount (Pair)



4 link under frame1.jpg  

4 Link Under Frame Mount (Pair)

bushing threaded.jpg 

Threaded 4 Link Bushing


bushing end weld on.jpg 

4 Link Bushing End


bushing poly.jpg
Fits a 1.5" I.D. tube. The outside flange of the bushing is 2" in diameter and has a flange thickness of 1/4" per side.
Accepts 9/16" Bolt.

Poly Bushing





4 link threaded bung.jpg
1" Threaded Bung











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